5 reasons why LA Rams could get hot in the NFL Playoffs

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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Reason 3 – Rams are getting healthier

Yes, the LA Rams did indeed make it to the playoffs. Now, the team awaits news on veterans who missed the season finale. The Rams will look for the return of DT Michael Brockers, WR Cooper Kupp, LB Micah Kiser, and most of all, OT Andrew Whitworth to rejoin the team’s active roster. After all, it was nearly two months ago, after facing the Seattle Seahawks in their first game.

In that first encounter, the Rams lost Whitworth, Kiser, and safety Taylor Rapp to injury. In the rematch, running back Darrell Henderson went down to injury, just as he was beginning to cause serious damage with the ball in his hands.  Those injuries, coupled with the Rams assigning both WR Cooper Kupp and DL Michael Brockers to the reserve/COVID-19 roster, limited the Rams on both offense and defense in the final two games.

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Healthy rested players return

Now here is where it gets interesting. The LA Rams could be welcoming back Whitworth, Kiser, Brockers, and Kupp this week.  That’s a huge infusion of talent that has been recuperating near the end of the season. They will be rested and ready to play. The Rams also hold out hope for the return of Darrell Henderson and Taylor Rapp as well. If not this week, then perhaps when the Rams advance to round two.

Getting healthier equals getting stronger. As much as I’d hoped and cheer for the untested rookies, the Rams have done it all season on the backs, hands, and legs of their veterans. If Kupp and Brockers were asymptomatic, their absence has been the equivalent of a mini-bye.  When they return, they will be well-rested, and that could prove to be a difference-maker.