LA Rams prove that there is still fight in this underdog

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams prove that they have plenty of fight, even as the road underdog.

The LA Rams were the underdog sixth-seed against the third-seeded NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks. It was the Rams who have been banged up whenever they faced the Seahawks this season. And it was the Rams offense that has struggled to score, failing to put up a touchdown in the past two games. On paper, everything seemed to favor the Seahawks in this one.

On paper, but not on the football field. During the game, the Rams had another wave of injuries that has become the rule whenever the Rams face the Seahawks. During the game, the Rams lost quarterback John Wolford in the second possession due to a questionable blow to the head by Seahawks defensive back Jamal Adams.

Rams’ injuries dominate this game

The Rams lost defensive lineman Aaron Donald (ribs), offensive left guard David Edwards (ankle), and wide receiver Cooper Kupp (knee) during the game. And the Rams were forced to start quarterback Jared Goff in a game he should have spent resting and recuperating. His thumb was swollen

In the end, it was all about the Rams defense.  And what a display it was today.  DL Aaron Donald and OLB Leonard Floyd had two quarterback sacks apiece. The Rams had a pick-six from star defensive back Darious Williams and a fumble recovery from linebacker Micah Kiser.  The Rams gave up just 13 points, and 276 yards, to the incredibly talented Seahawks offense.

What’s next?

The LA Rams will likely travel to face the incredibly talented Green Bay Packers in round two. However, if the Chicago Bears upsets the New Orleans Saints, they will travel to Lambeau Field, and the Rams will travel to the winner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Washington Football team games.

The Rams gambled by starting Wolford and won. That means that the Rams will have a healthier Goff back for the divisional round in the playoffs. Hopefully, he will be joined by a healthy return by quarterback John Wolford, defensive lineman Aaron Donald, and wide receiver Cooper Kupp. In this one, the Rams proved that they can run the ball well enough to give their passing game a fighting chance.

51. 20. 36. Final. 30

If the Rams are forced to play a playoff game in the cold, they are certainly built to do so. And so, the Rams are the team that advances. And they are the last remaining team from the highly competitive NFC West team to remain in the playoffs.

LA Rams starting Wolford now means Rams must advance to round two. dark. Next

Of course, there is plenty to analyze, ponder, and project. But that will be tomorrow. For today, enjoy! The Rams are advancing to round two.