As LA Rams cool on Goff, NFL Rumors heat up on Texans’ Watson

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ESPN Stephen a Smith spots smoke signals

Yes, there are reports of the LA Rams tossing their hat in the ring to the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes. And the unlikely source was none other than ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who announced getting a text message stating the Rams interest in acquiring Watson while broadcasting live on-air.

His announcement came almost as an interruption to the scheduled topics, as he announced the following:

"‘Charlie! (yep, yep) One of the things I will say, the Rams are another option because the Rams would entertain trading Goff AND picks to Houston. They’d send picks along with Goff to get themselves on Watson. We can’t ignore that. Somebody, a source, just texted me that information, guys. That’s not me and my opinion. A source just gave me that information a few minutes ago.’- per ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, on-air broadcast"

Can the Rams pull off a blockbuster trade?

Yes, they can, and have done so throughout their history under GM Les Snead. The Rams traded a host of picks for the right to draft QB Jared Goff in 2016.  In 2018, Goff was competing with the Rams in a Super Bowl.  The Rams traded another bundle of picks for defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

The pattern is undeniable. And so, NFL Rumors that mention the LA Rams involvement in discussing or negotiating a blockbuster deal is an undeniable pattern. The Rams get involved in big trades and make bold moves. They’ve only fallen as low as 9-7 in one season under McVay. McVay wins because Snead continues to load up the Rams team with elite talent. Right now, Stephen A. Smith is reporting that the Rams consider Watson an elite quarterback, and want him.