LA Rams lose coach (Waldron) to a Division Rival: Deja Vous?

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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When we get behind closed doors

One can easily imagine a behind-closed-doors chat (or two or three) has taken place where O’Connell has expressed his misgiving about Goff ever growing into the franchise QB the Rams once envisioned (and paid handsomely to become).

As Goff now finds himself in a quarterback’s room stacked with three mobile dual-threat backups, seems likely that Waldron’s replacement will be a coach with experience in a running QB scheme.

Further, when the GM of your team admits it is possible to move on from Goff (despite his front-loaded guaranteed money contract) you’re subtly telegraphing messages to the rest of the league that you’re moving on and open to listening to possible trade offers.

Waldron, now in his seventh year in the NFL and fourth with the Rams, followed McVay over from the Washington Football Team’s coaching staff. His departure signals the Rams have lost patience with Goff, as well as his supporting staff. It’s also a scorched-earth policy to kick the support legs out from underneath Goff, to do everything in their power to make Goff uncomfortable.  (as if ranking 23rd among  NFL offenses was not reason enough).

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There’s an eerie parallel between our franchise QB situation and one that’s playing out in Philly with another highly-paid and regressing QB in Carson Wentz. That meltdown cost a Super-Bowl- winning head coach to be cast aside. Perhaps the Rams just want to avoid that scenario themselves, by allowing the lion’s share of the assistant coaching staff to go their separate ways. But I suspect there is much more to Waldron’s departure behind the curtain than meets the eye.