Mobile QB’s who the LA Rams can draft to replace Jared Goff

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LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft mobile quarterback
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The LA Rams will not exactly be big spenders in the 2021 NFL Free Agency market. Unless the team does a bang-up job of reworking a majority of 2021 player contracts, the money is simply not there to speculate. So it’s likely that the Rams will go the one route that they do still have access to: The 2021 NFL Draft.  The Rams have seven projected draft picks. None fall in round one. None fall so high as to claim any of the top prospects. The Rams will need to find another way.

But they will find a way, as they always seem to do. Almost like the Canadian Mounted Police motto, the LA Rams personnel office “Always gets their man”.  They will certainly have their work cut out for them this year. The team’s success pushed their draft picks farther and farther to the back of the field.

In horse racing, you’ve got the favorites to win the race and the rest of the ponies running the track that day – a group referred to as “the field.”

The field may not have the gaudy stats of the favorites, nor be as multi-talented across the board,  but they might bring one particular trait to the starting gate that day which wins the race over the faves.  A horse that likes a muddy track, another that’s good out of the gate but falters in stretch runs, slow starters but late chargers at the final turn, etc.

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This year’s crop of NFL quarterback prospects has many consensus favorites – Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence (often described as a “generational talent”) – BYU’s Zach Wilson, Justin Fields of OSU, Kyle Trask of FL, Trey Lance of North Dakota State,  Mac Jones of AL. These are your prohibitive QB favorites, likely gone before round two ever begins, as rookie quarterbacks are (rightfully) expected to go fast off the board.