Rams trading Goff and picks to Lions: Too much?

Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams committed themselves to trade former quarterback Jared Goff to another team long before they actually pulled the trigger.  It was an inevitable outcome, the type of trade that shocked many, but to those who have followed the storyline playing out between Jared Goff and the LA Rams, seemed almost anti-climactic.

This was not a long-drawn-out negotiation. The trade of Detriot Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford was an auction. As many as half of the NFL teams submitted blind bids. Some may have upped their offers upon learning of the crowded field of bidders. At first, the word spread that the Lions were looking for a first-round pick. Soon the whispers were circling that five or more NFL teams had offered at least a first-round pick.

The LA Rams are no stranger to pulling together blockbuster trade packages. In fact, it seems to be the specialty of GM Les Snead.  Yet it was difficult to fathom just how committed these Rams were to making a deal happen.  The Rams were named as landing sites for three different NFL quarterbacks, and that in itself seemed to dilute the validity of any of the three.

In the end, the Rams assembled a trade package worthy of the king of a small country. Two first-round picks, one third-round pick, and quarterback Jared Goff.

That was enough to make a trade happen. In fact, it was enough to make practically any quarterback available to the Rams.  While the key to this trade was two first-round picks, do not overlook the fact that Brad Holmes, former Director of College Scouting for the LA Rams and now Detroit Lions General Manager, accepted Goff as part of this trade package.

Holmes knew Goff, perhaps better than anyone in the Rams’ organization. If Goff was excluded from this trade package, the future for his career becomes bleak. The Detroit Lions welcomed Goff, and are reportedly even very excited to have him.  That  means that the LA Rams ended up placing him in one of the best destinations possible in the NFL

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The price of this trade was excessive. But only because the LA Rams spent the last two weeks minimizing Goff’s trade value.  The Detroit Lions are six years younger at quarterback. The Lions land a quarterback with a 42-20 record over the past four seasons.  In fact, Jared Goff has a 3-3 record in the NFL Playoffs. Goff has even won an NFC Championship game.  And they were paid two first-round draft picks and a third-round pick to take him off of the Rams hands.

The LA Rams paid too much to make this trade happen. But that was a result of the pre-trade drama that set the stage for the Rams. The Rams had no other option. Goff would not return. Winning now mandated the Rams to make a move, a big splash, a blockbuster trade.

And they did.

To Detroit Lions’ new GM Brad Holmes, I salute you. You have started your Detroit Lions tenure as the general manager on fire. I hope the organization appreciates what you have just done for the team.