The meteoric rise of LA Rams DL Sebastian Joseph Day

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LA Rams Sebastian Joseph Day
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Tackler, food critic, social leader, and 2021 romantic

If you only see football players as, well, football players, you are missing the best parts of life and of the NFL. In 2020, Sebastian Joseph Day was a leader in all respects. Amidst the pandemic crisis that forced self-quarantine and a tremendous burden upon health care workers, Joseph Day donated from his own pockets to feed front-line, medical workers.

When social injustice gripped the nation in 2020, once more it was Sebastian Joseph Day who led by example. He engaged in meaningful dialogues, conversations, and debates to represent all sides fully, and to reach lasting holistic solutions.

It was not all heavy topics in 2020, mind you.  Late in 2020, word got out that SJD was converting his passion for food, culture, and history into a YouTube channel called Dine-N-Bash. You need to check it out because he covers a wide swath of culinary establishments and eateries at a time when finding new dining spots is awfully tough to do. SJD does the heavy lifting for you.

And finally, there was the announcement of the engagement of Sebastian Joseph Day and Rachel Lucosky.

Too much in one year? Doubtful. A flourishing football career, a new business venture, and a blossoming romance. Everything is coming up roses for Sebastian Joseph Day in 2021. It’s been a subtle eruption, almost like a flower blossoming in early spring. A slowly developing emergence, steadfast in its daily reach towards the light each day. Constant swelling of ability and potential, so determined that it achieves new growth each day.  And there it is, in plain sight.

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Congratulations Sebastian and Rachel. Here’s hoping 2021 is your best year yet. Perhaps, with a little luck and perseverance, Sea Bass can add one more ring to the jewelry collection this year. An engagement ring, a wedding ring, and a Super Bowl Championship ring.