LA Rams veteran RB Malcolm Brown will be running with the Dolphins

Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams veteran running back Malcolm Brown never truly seemed to be a true fit for the LA Rams offense under head coach Sean McVay. Sure, he could run for short yardage, and which NFL team doesn’t appreciate that? And he could run a route and pick up a first down with a clutch reception. You know that McVay smiled wherever that happened. Brown even was an outstanding blocker, neutralizing blitzes with a crushing block. That was a mandate for any McVay offense.

But Malcolm Brown is the old-school power back who loves to run and the more he runs, the better he runs. Brown is a volume runner. He punishes defenders, and by the fourth quarter, they are so stiff and sore that he is able to run through would-be tacklers.  That takes a lot of carries in a game, but carries were too few and far between for that bruising-style running to have much effect in the game.

Few appreciated nose-down, ball-clutching, legs churning style of running, but he knew how to score. Despite light usage, Brown put up 10 touchdowns in the past two seasons for the Rams. Now, he takes that nose-for-the-endzone to his new team, the Miami Dolphins.

Did he know that he was auditioning for the Miami Dolphins when he faced them in 2020? Well, he was pretty good with 10 carries for 40 yards and two receptions out of two targets for 17 yards. Keep in mind that was a game where the Dolphins’ defense smothered the passing game for the Rams.

Veteran welcome addition

Malcolm Brown is an ideal fit for the Miami Dolphins, whose running back committee did not produce a single rusher who scored more than three touchdowns in 2020. The Dolphins have two former Washington Huskies, Myles Gaskin, and Salvon Ahmed, who are both young and talented.  But they both share a finesse running style.

Wait until they see the way Malcolm Brown plunges into the pile for a score.

This is a good fit for both Brown and the Dolphins. We wrote an article in 2020 that went into depth about why Malcolm Brown deserved to get a new start with an NFL team that would align the offensive playbook more closely to his specific skillsets. The 5-foot-11 222-pound running back is a very powerful runner and will do anything asked of him to help out his team.

Not many will be disappointed by his moving on to a new team. While I get it, understand it, and hope for the best for him, I think that the Rams will need to fill his shoes either in the 2021 NFL Draft or by promoting a player on the roster.  Brown can and will score, and the last thing the Rams scoring drought truly needs is to let go of a player who can score.

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Celebrate to your fullest, Dolphins fans. You truly landed someone who brings far more leadership and value to your offense than I can point to on the stats sheet. But you’ll figure that out.  Now, it’s up to the Rams to figure out how to fill that roster spot.