Surely, the LA Rams cannot keep RB Xavier Jones out of the end zone now

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LA Rams depth chart Xavier Jones
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The Rams had the ability to move the chains with Akers and Henderson. And when the Rams got into the red zone, in came Brown to punch it into the end zone. It may have been a clunky way to move the football on the ground, but it worked well enough to win 10 games. The threesome was soon mentioned by a new nickname formed by their first names: Darrell, Malcolm, Cam. They became Run DMC

But the big guy, Malcolm Brown, is gone. He’s swimming, er, running with the Dolphins now. And we know that the Rams loved the late-season burst-of-brilliance from rookie Cam Akers. But even at running back Todd Gurley’s peak, the Rams needed a big body rusher who could score.  Look no further, the Rams already have that guy.  He’s Xavier Jones.

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Malcolm Brown is a solid 5-foot-11 222-pound running back from the University of Texas who could run, catch, block and score. Xavier Jones is a solid 5-foot-11 208-pound running back from SMU who would love to prove that he can run, catch, block and score. The challenge of getting onto the field in 2020 was his unfamiliarity with the Rams offense and playbook. He’ll be ready this year.

The trio was very complimentary to each other’s skillsets.  Henderson was the fastest of the three and could gobble up yards quickly. Brown was the Jeep of the group, and while he would not outrun anyone, he was the go-to guy when the Rams needed tough yards or faced a physical defense. Akers was the luxury car, the type of player who went into the game like a car on the highway, set to cruise control, and enjoys the ride.