High strung or standards?: LA Rams McVay cussed out QB Goff

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Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Problem-solving starts at identifying the problem

Still, criticism needed to be said. You can’t solve a problem until you identify it. And many of us identified the problem. Not once. But many times.  Did any of it help? Well, the statistics do not lie. But…

the damage apparently was already done. Of course, let’s give some credit to the professionalism of both head coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff. One-sided screaming sessions behind closed doors became lucid and somewhat calm discussions to the press.

Was it amplified by the empty stands in SoFi Stadium? Could McVay unload both barrels at his quarterback without the fear of repercussions of being noticed or overhead by fans who sat within earshot or with a direct line of sight of the sidelines?

Well, the answers began to form, as various members of the organization trickled out clues.  McVay himself hammered the point when he stated in a post-season press conference that QB Jared Goff was the Rams quarterback ‘for now’. The LA Rams doubled down when GM Les Snead admitted that moving on from Goff ‘can be done’.  We’ll come back to that.