7 steps to get the LA Rams to the Super Bowl this year

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams ended the 2020 NFL season at 10-6, defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs, and lost in their second playoff road game to the Green Bay Packers. There are things that went wrong for the Rams to prevent them from advancing to the NFC Championship Game, and there were mistakes made along the way and during the playoffs.

But the 2021 NFL season is here. The Rams have committed to the most impactful free agent signings possible. While there is still time to add free agents to plug some roster holes, the likelihood of that happening before the 2021 NFL Draft is getting smaller all the time.

Hey, take heart. We’ve been here before. The fact is that the Rams have an uncanny way of stitching everything together at the last minute. The Rams get contributions from a healthy number of rotational players, and a number of players were redshirted in 2020 specifically to be ready to go this year.

Look to fit, not to names

So many focus upon the names added or lost in free agency. But the true key to any addition or subtraction is how will the team deploy those players in their schemes? The Dallas Cowboys were touted as an NFL superpower a year ago, but they focused far too many resources on offense and stitched together dissimilar defensive players. The result? A team that ended the season with a record at 6-10. Closer to home? The Seattle Seahawks failed to address their needs at the offensive line. The result?: They won regular-season games, but their offense slumped as the season wore on.

The Rams keep one eye on the present, and one eye on the future. The Rams do not add waves of free agents because they have already invested that money into players on the roster. And this same team that revitalized a devastatingly-banged-up offensive line in 2019 to a pretty robust crew in 2020 can do the same with the offense’s ability to score in 2021.

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Okay, enough pep talk. Now, it’s time to reload. How will the LA Rams do it built upon the backs of undrafted players and a handful of elite players? How will the LA Rams become the number one team in the NFL in 2021? Let’s discuss.