LA Rams may make 3 trades in 2021 NFL Draft: Over/Under?

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If the LA Rams are anything close to certain about the 2021 NFL Draft board and how it may fall come April 29, 2021, through May 1, 2021, they are the only one of 32 NFL teams blessed with that level of foresight.

The 2021 NFL Draft arrives in less than one month now.

While most teams will be impacting the future of at least one player from the draft class of 2021, the LA Rams will not be choosing until Friday, April 30, 2021, and currently are projected to select the 57th pick of the draft. But they could be on the move.  But before we go down that path, let’s lay some basic groundwork for this year’s 2021 NFL Draft three-day event.

But perhaps the most exciting time for the LA Rams begins after the NFL Draft ends when undrafted players are quickly scooped up. The LA Rams signed 22 undrafted players in 2020 and can expect to sign 17 undrafted players in 2021.

Event:                 2021 NFL Draft
Location:            Cleveland Ohio
Day One:            Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 5:00 pm PT
Day Two:            Friday, April 30, 2021, at 4:00 pm PT
Day Three:         Saturday, May 1, 2021, at  9:00 am PT

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How to follow the NFL Draft:

Okay, so if you are like so many, you won’t be content to watch a broadcast alone, but rather will have a computer or smartphone in hand to help get the name of the player as they come off the board and a flash analysis of that player in terms of projection, skillset, and fit.

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Of course, the real juice of the NFL Draft is the live broadcast. That can be found on either ESPN or NFL Draft broadcast via a number of affiliated partners.

So there are plenty of ways to view the draft. There are plenty of ways to track the draft. Now, what about the LA Rams? Well, no fear. We have a month of solid coverage to prepare for what the Rams might do, what the Rams might face, and how the NFL will address so many will and uncertain factors impacting this draft.

3 LA Rams draft trades: Over or under?

The LA Rams, like many NFL teams, treat uncertainty in the NFL Draft with a weaving manner of trading back and up to select their specific players who have great projected fits with the Rams organization. So here’s the point of this article.  If the base number of trades set for the LA Rams are projected at three: Do you see the LA Rams number of draft trades coming in over or under that number?

In 2019, the LA Rams traded six different times. In 2020, the LA Rams traded back once: From 126 to 136 and picked up two additional picks. So two years, two completely different approaches.  So will the Rams trade more often?

In 2020, the Rams were facing uncertainty but were in serious need of immediate contributors.  And the Rams draft board fell to them, with several players falling far in the draft which allowed the Rams to sit tight and select talent. In 2019, the draft board had more needs than picks, and the Rams took the safer ‘more picks’ route early, only to pogo stick back up and down throughout that draft.

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The Rams need players, but thankfully the word out is that this draft is deep at cornerbacks, wide receivers, offensive linemen, and edge players. The Rams can find those impact players for their roster as late as round six.  So the key is to have enough picks, not high enough picks, to find enough depth for the roster. So how many picks do you see the Rams making in the 2021 NFL Draft? If the number set is three, do you go Over or Under?