How McVay will apply 2015 lessons learned to the 2021 LA Rams

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LA Rams head coach Sean McVay has stated that the Rams offense needs more explosiveness. Well, that is coach-speak for the fact that he is trying to improve the team’s ability to score dramatically for 2021. With few new faces, how will the team manage such a huge turnaround? The LA Rams offense, unlike a year ago, has every opportunity to re-sign one of the key offensive linemen. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the LA Rams failed to retain a player who signed for a deep discount to his asking price of just a year ago.

It’s clear by the personnel moves and the turnover from some key offensive coaches that there will be an overhaul to the team’s offense. Gone are trustworthy coaches like Aaron Kromer at the offensive line, Shane Waldron at tight ends and passing game coordinator, and even assistant quarterback coach Liam Coen has moved on. Now, the team will rely upon Kevin Carberry at offensive line, Wes Phillips for tight ends and passing game coordinator, and Zac Robinson as the assistant quarterback coach.

The coaching staff has changed, yes. But it’s still head coach Sean McVay. And it’s still offensive coordinator Kevin O’ Connell. And it’s still running back coach Thomas Brown. So will it be the same old stuff? Not exactly. So how exactly will this offense get better?

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Well, by looking at this offense from another angle, that’s how. Head coach Sean McVay faced a similar dilemma with the 2014 Washington Football team. A bad offense was stuck in the quagmire of no true identity and ended that season as one of the worst offenses in the NFL. But in 2015, that offense was among the Top-10.