LA Rams NFL Draft 2021: Official six picks

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have just six picks in the 2021 NFL Draft at the moment. I say at the moment because there is only one thing more certain than the LA Rams trading away their first-round pick prior to the NFL Draft. That is the fact that the Rams will be heavily engaged in trading on draft day.

The Rams’ picks for the upcoming draft  currently break out as follows:

Round Two –     Pick 57
Round Three –  Pick 88
Round Three –  Pick 103
Round Four –    Pick 141
Round Six –       Pick 209
Round Seven – Pick 252

In terms of value (think of currency), ranks the Rams as 31st of the 32 teams. Only the Seattle Seahawks have less value. And the LA Rams are only one of three NFL teams NOT picking in round one this year. The other two teams are the Houston Texans and the Seattle Seahawks.

So when was the last time that the Rams held six picks entering an NFL Draft?

2015 six-pack o’ picks

The last time that the LA Rams entered a draft with just six picks was 2015. Of course, that didn’t last long. In round two of that draft, the LA Rams traded their round-two pick (41st overall) with the Carolina Panthers for their second (57th), third (89th), and sixth-round (201st) picks.

The New York Jets traded pick 224 to the Rams for RB Zac Stacy.  Ultimately, the Rams selected at 10 (Todd Gurley), 57 (CAR – Rob Havenstein), 72 (Jamon Brown), 89 (CAR – Sean Mannion), 119 (Andrew Donnal), 201 (CAR-Bud Sasser), 215 (COMP- Cody Wichman), 224 (NYJ– Bryce Hager), and at 227 (Martin Ifedi).

So as you can see, the LA Rams used the three days of the draft to multiply six draft picks into the nine picks spent during the 2015 NFL Draft. That same route to adding picks by trading back or by converting a player for (a) pick(s) is wide open for them this year.

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Since this draft is so completely topsy turvy, you can expect more than the usual number of draft day trades, and many involving picks for players. And since the Rams start picking at 57, there is likely more value and opportunity to explore trading players in overflowing positions than to try to key multiplying the number of picks by trading back. We’ve set the LA Rams number of trades during the draft at three. Do you see more or less trades happening?