How much do NFL head coaches make – including LA Rams McVay?

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Building a mystery

It’s difficult to know for sure because the finances of NFL teams are largely a mystery. Only the Green Bay Packers disclose their numbers, and even then, only because they are the only NFL team that is publicly owned.

The current salary floor is approximately $4 million per year. There are only 32 of these gigs available, and keep in mind they are all bona fide millionaires. So, the scarcity of jobs drives up the price. The drawbacks are its long workdays, stress, and the pressures of running a multi-billion dollar operation. But do it right, and you can be set up for generational wealth. Produce and get rewarded. Take a cellar-dweller team to the playoffs and restructure your deal for more moolah the following year.

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There are at least 10 NFL coaches making more than $8 million per year. While that may seem like a phenomenal amount (it is), NFL star players make much more.  But on the other hand, the majority of NFL players make far less.

Seniority does play a part in the compensation package. Some of the veteran NFL coaches who have a proven track record are at the top end of the NFL head coach salary scale. Others, like Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, leveraged an NFL team’s desperation for a lucrative deal. Of course, now he must deliver.

And there’s the rub. Only one team wins a Super Bowl in any given year. But all 32 NFL head coaches are paid with the belief that they will be winning one soon. And of course, they earn money in various states and therefore are subject to the infamous Jock Tax dilemma.   So let’s pull aside the curtain and examine head coaches’ salaries?