LA Rams News: What the holdup on the new uniforms, folks?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Okay, label me impatient, but I’m chomping at the bit over here to see the new uniforms for the LA Rams upcoming season. And I don’t understand what’s taking so long for them to let us know what they will be.

I’m salivating over here, too, because I see what the Cincinnatti Bengals (okay, my editor undid my Bungles snarky comment) did with their new uniforms announcement today, and I have to say I think they absolutely nailed it with their new design. I would like to see the Rams do the same. But I’m not holding my breath.

What do I mean by that? Whatever new design they choose should harken to the Rams’ storied past. Minor tweaks, minor adjustments, a new midnight black option, but no wholesale design changes, please.

And that’s why I really like what the Bengals have done in their first uniform design change since 2004. The trademark stripes of the Bengals remain the dominant feature of their new design, just as the trademark curlicue of the Rams should remain as the first thing that jumps out at you in any new design.

While it may be a new design, it should remain intentionally familiar, yet harken back to their past. Doesn’t have to be throwback per se, but it needs to at least allude to that. Let it nod to the past while pointing to the upcoming season and the future.

Because the tiniest of details matter. The Bengals kept the orange and black helmet and the three-stripes their uniform has always been known by, just updated the look a bit with cleaner, sleeker, simpler sets. I especially like their new black home jersey, and so very much hope the Rams will follow a similar design path. Bengals new uniforms

Is it possible the Rams’ delay in announcing their new uniform is because they are conducting exhaustive focus groups to gauge public reaction to various new designs? Hahaha. Good one.

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After all, this is a team that didn’t back off from their penis-inspired logo change in 2020. Heaven help us all if they roll out a similar PR catastrophe this year.