3 free agent defenders LA Rams must look at in next 72 hours

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LA Rams Free Agency
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The LA Rams are finally getting their introductions out of the way on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. With new coaches or familiar coaches in unfamiliar roles, the Rams are beginning to feel out their roster. That typically triggers that one or two veteran signing that helps the roster match more closely to what the new coaches intend for the team.

It’s a tough process that the NFL teams have been obligated to institute over the past 18 months or so. A very physically hands-on process has been shifted to the virtual world, where video conferences have coupled with telemetric data that combined to give NFL coaches the best version of what is without the ability to actually see for themselves.

As the NFL rumors erupt for wisps of smoke to a raging bonfire over the future of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, there are other matters that need to be at least considered in terms of improving the LA Rams roster. And yes, there are still value-added options in the NFL Free Agency market who await the phone call from their agent with the good news that an NFL team has agreed to sign them up.

Of course, free-agent signings are delicate matters for the LA Rams, because signing a true free agent comes with the offset of potentially eliminating a potential 2022 compensatory draft pick award. So the Rams will be hard-set negotiators when it comes to the dollars and cents. It’s not just the salary cap money, but a potential valuable draft pick, on the line.

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But saying it and delivering it are two different matters altogether. The LA Rams exited the 2021 NFL Draft with a lot of offensive weapons, but enough defensive talent to believe that the team could go into the 2021 NFL season confident in the defense. But now that coaches have had their first looks at the roster, where might the team find value to add to ensure a better chance of success?