Odds momentum building for LA Rams trade for Julio Jones

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It’s the first holiday weekend of 2021, so that means that the LA Rams are likely in the news as a team linked to an NFL player on the trade block. Well, it’s the three-day Memorial Day weekend.  The LA Rams rumors are getting hot. and the reason is that the Atlanta Falcons are rumored to be dealing their star wide receiver, Julio Jones, to the highest bidder.

Right now the odds for the Rams to be the team to successfully trade for Julio Jones are set pretty low. In fact, the LA Rams are the second-favored team to make that trade and have come out of nowhere to be favored now. So what do they know that many others do not?

Okay, so the oddsmakers create odds to even the playing field between persons who would place money at stake for either the yes or the now. The higher the odds, the more the payout.  Odds are set for just about any athletic competition, and now seemingly set for the team most likely to land Julio Jones. Lo and behold, there are the LA Rams, at number two.

How can that be so?


Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams /

Los Angeles Rams

Some have pointed out that the Rams don’t have a readily handy first-round pick. Others have pointed out that the Rams do not have the necessary cap space. Well, let’s explain why arguing on those points are flawed. The 32nd pick of any NFL draft is worth 590 points per the Drafttek draft value chart.  The next pick, in the second round, is worth 580 points. So the Atlanta Falcons seek a draft pick package on or above 590 points. The LA Rams can package multiple picks or picks plus players to get to that number.

The salary cap argument is not a solid point either. The Rams can restructure or outright renegotiate the contract of newly acquired quarterback Matthew Stafford to make more than enough cap space needed.

Perhaps the only valid argument to make is the lack of fit with the LA Rams. But that one is tough to sell as well because the LA Rams are confirmed to be one of the teams that are in talks with the Atlanta Falcons.

Julio still got it

If you are disappointed or surprised at the LA Rams’ resiliency to making a trade that could put them over the top to winning it all, then that is on you. Some argue that Julio Jones is either too old or too fragile to be any help to the LA Rams.

Well, in the past three years, he has caught 263 of 395 passes for 3832 yards and 17 touchdowns. No current Rams receiver can claim that amount of production. He is 6-foot-3 and weighs a robust 220-pounds.  He even has better than a 75 percent completion rate in the post-season.

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Should the Rams want Julio Jones? We’re past all that already folks. The LA Rams do want Julio Jones. Now, the only question remaining is: Will LA Rams GM Les Snead get his guy one more time?