3 free agent defenders LA Rams must look at in next 72 hours

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Inside linebacker

Former Seattle Seahawks inside linebacker K.J. Wright is another player who is looking for an employer. And the 6-foot-4 246-pound linebacker is another very versatile veteran version of a defender who would benefit greatly with a year of playing for the LA Rams. The LA Rams have not had the success at the linebacker position as the Seahawks have enjoyed, so it makes just as much sense for the Rams to sign one of their linebackers as it did for the Seahawks to sign former Rams tight end Gerald Everett.

Wright is still dangerously effective, and his play earned him a spot in the 2016 Pro Bowl.  Since that time he has battled through injuries. But he remains a veteran worth pursuing. One of the problems with the LA Rams’ current inside linebacking corps is that the entire room is filled with players who are in need of developing further. There are no veterans to count on to help out the younger players. It’s all down to trial and error, and that typically means plenty of errors along the way.

While Wright may no longer be at his peak, he is certainly strong enough to earn a starting role on this LA Rams roster, and in doing so become a veteran who the younger players can talk to and learn from.  The Seahawks play in the same NFC West division as the LA Rams, so Wright is just as familiar with the opponents who the Rams will face twice a year.

He could be signed to a one-year $2 million contract that will immediately elevate the play of the Rams defense, perhaps even surpassing that of 2020. While the front office reaches out to discuss trading for Julio Jones, other moves exist that could improve the team just as much at a fraction of the cost.

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Three free agents, each of whom could help elevate the play of the defense considerably. Kicking the tires on them costs nothing, and could result in filling out the team’s 90-man roster. It’s time that the personnel department looks at a position besides wide receiver.