PFTs Florio reports claim LA Rams are out of Julio Jones market

Mandatory Credit: Brynn Anderson/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Brynn Anderson/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are one of the NFL teams that are a default team to name in any rumors with a recognizable NFL veteran on the trade block. The Rams have that sort of big-deal reputation that creates an automatic buzz just by including them in the narrative. Of course, if the goal is to make a story seem legitimate, the Rams are a good name to drop.

Many credible sources have come out in post-rumors reporting that have claimed that the Rams are legitimate contenders for the services of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.  NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo confirmed the reports that the LA Rams were indeed one of two teams in conversations with the Falcons. The other NFL team is reportedly the Tenessee Titans.

Now NFL rumors currently reported by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio suggest that the LA Rams are out of the Julio Jones bidding war.  Can it be that the Rams can be in that quickly and out just as quickly?

I wouldn’t applaud or panic whatever the latest Rams rumors break. Right now, the entire matter is a very dynamic situation, with plenty of news leaks and reports designed to add leverage or pressure to make a deal happen.  Even if all parties are satisfied, it’s highly unlikely that any announcement will be made until June 1, 2021, when the Falcons will benefit from the opportunity to create significant 2021 salary cap space by spreading their cap hit over two seasons.

For the Rams, even if the team agreed in principle with the Falcons, the team would need to do the additional legwork of working to make quarterback Matthew Stafford’s contract more team-friendly. And that might even include reaching out to Julio Jones’ agent to determine the framework for making Jones’ contract more palatable for the Rams.

Keep in mind that the LA Rams were out of the running for Stafford until head coach Sean McVay lobbied team owner Stan Kroenke to authorized offering an additional first-round pick. This latest bit of news could be nothing more than a regrouping by the Rams to determine if they want to up the ante.

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I can see reasons to make the deal, and reasons not to do so. For now, the outcome appears to up to the LA Rams, the Atlanta Falcons, and Karma.  Of course, this is taking the shape of a bad Hokey-Pokey dance. Put their first bid, take the first bid out, put a second bid in and waive the offer all about.

As for me? I’m good with however it turns out. It’s the only way to ride this roller coaster without getting upset or ill.