Matthew Stafford ‘sense of urgency’ at LA Rams OTAs

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Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Transition periods are tough

Even though this will be a learning curve for Stafford, that breaking-in period won’t last all season.  Unfortunately, the LA Rams face three difficult teams in the month of September 2021. Good teams do not get that reputation by making things easy for opposing quarterbacks. You can expect heavy doses of blitz packages early in Stafford’s season. He may even struggle against it at times.

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That does not change the impression that Stafford is the right quarterback for the LA Rams right now. The coaching staff is just now seeing and learning what Stafford can do on a football field live-and-in-person. The LA Rams receivers are just now experiencing passes arriving off the hand of Stafford. But most of all, Matthew Stafford is taking it all in for the first time.  If he doesn’t feel like a rookie yet, he soon will.

That could be a huge plus to a guy who has not had much of a positive outlook when suiting up for a new season. Some have pointed out that Stafford has never been under more pressure. While that may be true, he has never had such lofty expectations either. Each game with the LA Rams will be very meaningful. That, and the fact that he is already in sync with head coach Sean McVay could equate to incredible success this year. That’s a very good thing, as the Rams have certainly invested plenty to do so.

Some already are tempted to favor the Rams.