LA Rams: Five most underrated moves of the 2021 offseason

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Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams front office has plenty of history along the lines of finding diamonds in the rough, nuggets of gold, or any other metaphor that denotes finding value in unexpected places. And the 2021 NFL draft will likely bear similar surprise treasures. While that may be expected, let’s take a look at something of a broader stroke image.

You see, sometimes it is who you draft. Other times, it’s simply the concept that the LA Rams front office made an effort to draft at a position that the organization had ignored for a number of years. In a sense, it’s a star for turning in the work neatly and on time, and we’ll let history dictate the quality of the player actually chosen.

The organization is by no means perfect, and so we highlighted the five worst moves of the 2021 offseason already. Now, in the effort to balance the ledger, it’s time to take a look at five of the most underrated moves of the 2021 offseason.

These are the moves that made the most sense to make at this point in the 2021 NFL season for the team. Addressing an unaddressed need, adding a veteran at a good value contract, or simply taking steps to ensure that the team retains hard-fought gains in quality or veteran leadership.

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Some applaud the major moves in an offseason, the big-name signings that are sprinkled throughout the headlines from January to August. Of course, those headliners have their place in the course of improving. But the majority of integral moves that truly improve the team are not headliners, but rather the far more numerous housekeeping moves that litter the offseason unheralded, unnoticed, and undetected. Like what? Well, here are our top five most underrated moves this off-season.