LA Rams: Will there or won’t there be competition for starting punter?

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Drop back and punt

The statement made by LA Rams head coach Sean McVay was shocking but final. Whether deliberately or without forethought, the Rams placed 53-players from the roster on notice. The 2020 season ended with disappointment, and the Rams were determined to ensure that anyone on the roster deemed ‘good enough’ was no longer good enough.  Huh? Well, don’t take my word for it. McVay started it.

You see, statements from a head coach, whether calm or so livid that his face turns purple, carry significant weight and meaning when uttered.

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That particular statement uttered by a very frustrated and angry LA Rams head coach Sean McVay cut across the entire roster, perhaps even more than originally intended. But when he was afforded the opportunity to restate his intentions, he doubled down by repeating the claim.

The statement was put out there into the media that the LA Rams would be competing at each and every position, but was the team prepared to see that through? Well, the front office certainly seemed to take it all at face value because they added the NFL’s best punter, Corey Bojorquez,  off waivers this offseason. Bojorquez is very good, folks. He’s also rather young.

Pairing his addition to the Rams roster with the head coach’s statement of competition at every position, the logical conclusion was that the LA Rams was creating competition for the punter role. After all, Hekker was one of the highest-paid punters in the NFL. Until 2020, he was worth every penny. However, last season? Not so much.