LA Rams: 2021 roster is set to get the Max benefit

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The field for Pircher is wide open

There is a risk taken by any young prospect who wants to become a professional football player. It’s a dream to join a professional team, but that is only the start of intense competition. Now imagine traveling thousands of miles to a foreign country, not truly knowing what to expect, and facing a new language, a new culture, a new city, and new life. That is what the LA Rams’ newest offensive lineman, Max Pircher, is up against.

He is one of four players who have been added to the ranks of NFC West team rosters as part of the International Player Pathway program. It just so happens that Max Pircher plays a position of need for the Rams, offensive lineman. While he won’t be ready to compete this year, the IPP program is designed to allow him to remain with the LA Rams as a roster exception to the practice squad roster. Even so, he should not be considered just a camp body.

The NFL program is designed to be more than a token field trip for international players. It’s designed to engage and produce NFL-capable players who will not only add to the ranks of NFL teams but increase the likelihood of popularizing the sport in other countries as well.

Standing 6-foot-7 and weighing a robust 300-pounds, the guy already looks the part. So how will become a capable NFL offensive lineman? He’s vowed to learn everything possible from veteran Andrew Whitworth, and he’s already on his way

Due to salary cap considerations and expiring contracts, we know that the LA Rams will feel a squeeze on their offensive line roster in 2022. While Max Pircher has a long way to go to be in the competition for a significant role next year, he’s certainly doing everything possible to earn the trust and respect of his teammates.

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A lot can happen in a year. For that matter, a lot can happen in training camp this year. The LA Rams are facing the tough roster decisions before the season once more, and for all intents and purposes will likely part ways with some fan favorites to achieve the 53-man limit. But until then, look for the Rams to get the max benefit out of these two NFL hopefuls.