LA Rams: Tutu Atwell, Trishton Jackson, Jacob Harris and more McVay mentions

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Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are still working through the pecking order of the depth chart, and the coaching staff is certainly facing some of the toughest parts of the season in terms of their jobs. Now, the teachers must become evaluators. The same persons who invest parts of themselves to help welcome players must now turn to who they have and examine how they are doing so far, and how far they can realistically be expected to advance by the time the season rolls around.

There is a lot at stake for these LA Rams, and a lot to sort through.  Even as the LA Rams returned a tight end and two wide receivers from 2020, the roster made room for four more wide receivers and one more tight end. With so many new faces, how can the LA Rams fit them all into place?

The hard truth is that they can’t. That harsh reality was the reason that last year’s return specialist Nsimba Webster was already released. Of course, the Rams parted ways with tight end Gerald Everett and wide receiver Josh Reynolds. So in theory, there is room on the roster for three of the five new additions. But those are just numbers, available seats on the roster. Now, the coaches must decide who rides with the team on the 53-man roster, and who must tag along for a year on the practice squad.

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay talked about giving veterans a rest day based on the fact that pads went on for the first time.  Then he touched base about bringing in the padded accessories to place on the tops of the helmets.

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We first noticed them a week ago atop the San Francisco 49ers helmets at their training camp. He furthermore described the accident earlier in the week when veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford’s throwing hand came down on a helmet as part of the throwing motion. He talked about “better safety”, but agreed that there is “no swag with those things on.” One more improvement on its way? You bet.