Rams P Corey Bojorquez near perfect game may win him punter job

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

There are two camps in the LA Rams fanbase. There are those who love the history and past excellence of punter Johnny Hekker. But after becoming the highest-paid punter in the NFL, Hekker’s performance has regressed. He wasn’t alone, as the LA Rams special teams have become less productive over each of the past two seasons.

Then there are those who have proudly welcomed the 2021 addition, Corey Bojorquez. Bojorquez was the NFL’s best punter in 2020, was a member of the Buffalo Bills, and was a surprise available free agent this year.

So when the LA Rams picked up last year’s top punter in the NFL, we were not buying the word out of the LA Rams front office that this was not a competition. Even starting punter Johnny Hekker saw the addition of punter Corey Bojorquez as a competition.

So throughout OTAs, training camp, and preseason so far, the LA Rams have held a non-competition competition for the punter position. And despite the no-competition, the LA Rams enter the final preseason game with no decision made over who would fill the starting role. Well, that decision may be made now.

If you hadn’t seen this game, you will likely not believe just how dominating Corey Bojorquez was in this one. Even if you did see his performance, you may still be in disbelief.  Bojorquez punted five times on the night for 277 yards (a 55.4-yard average) and booted three times inside the Denver Broncos 20 yard line.  The Broncos did not return a single punt. His highlights included punting a 67.0-yard boomer outside of his own endzone. But his best was a 70 yarder that went out at the Broncos’ one-yard line.

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Loyalty or not, Bojorquez could not have put up a better performance. Even if Hekker could match this performance, he costs the LA Rams about four times the price to do so. Ultimately, the LA Rams’ decision over their starting punter will upset some fans. After the Broncos’ game, it looks like Corey Bojorquez will claim the job.

Believe it or not.