Caught in the divorce of between WR DeSean Jackson and the LA Rams

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Play me or trade me

The threat of DeSean Jackson on the football field forces secondaries to commit to covering him. And so, other receivers are more open, can run their routes into areas of the field vacated by DBs covering Jackson. I get the entire concept of being a team player. But DeSean Jackson was targetted 15 times in seven games.  When the team threw him a catchable ball, he delivered.

So it came down to the hard conversation over more opportunities. I understand that, and it’s actually quite refreshing over the guaranteed salaried players who are paid to sit on the bench. So that conversation ended with a ‘please trade me’ outcome.

The Rams organization was open to trading Jackson, but no team has stepped forward. There are good reasons for that. Trades involve a fair exchange of assets.

Right now, the outlook for a trade before the deadline is dimming quickly. But to whichever team signs the guy? Their post-season outlook will improve instantly.

Operators are standing by

Most teams bet correctly on the fact that the team would outright cut Jackson. At that point, the cost to get him rests solely on the contract offered. That will not be overly expensive. But what Jackson delivered for the LA Rams is what he brings to whichever NFL team signs him and plays him. He has an unmatchable ability to outrun defenders and score instantly on one play.

I wish this hadn’t ended on this note. I was thrilled when the LA Rams signed hometown favorite DeSean Jackson, and I will be disappointed if and when the two sides part ways.

I won’t fault the Rams for any decisions made for the betterment of the team. I won’t fault DeSean Jackson for trying to get as much playing time and production in the time remaining in his career when he can still make a difference on the football field.

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So don’t fault me for appreciating both sides. You see, I’m one of those fans who has no stopcock over my emotional support for players. Per NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the LA Rams are rumored to be parting ways with Jackson after the NFL Trade Deadline if no trade occurs. Jackson may not be a Rams receiver by the time you read this.