LA Rams traded draft picks? There’s more where that came from

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Rams Draft: 2022 and beyond.

Okay, now let’s talk about the LA Rams draft. We can start with the LA Rams’ success at drafting players first of all. Once we have that settled, we can pivot to the 2022 NFL Draft and the projected number of draft picks next year.

Yes, the Rams’ have enjoyed success in drafting players. The Rams found a starting inside linebacker in round three (Ernest Jones), a solid rotational defensive back in round four (Robert Rochell), and their fourth wide receiver in round seven (Ben Skowronek). They had a punt returner in round two (Tutu Atwell) and a rotational running back from round seven (Jake Funk) before they were injured and lost for the season.

The team added two defensive linemen, and another wide receiver, who are all projected to contribute as the season progresses. The team even added an undrafted offensive lineman to the 53-man roster.  So of all drafted rookies, only one was signed to the practice squad. That was offset by an undrafted rookie earning a spot on the team’s 53-man roster. Can all other 31 NFL teams say the same?

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Now, as far as the 2022 NFL Draft, Yes, the Rams have traded away five of their picks. But who do the Rams have as a result? Veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, veteran running back Sony Michel, and veteran outside linebacker Von Miller.  So how many picks are the Rams expected to have in 2022?

Okay, so what does that boil down to? As soon as the LA Rams trade terms were known, we updated and published our LA Rams future draft picks: 2022 NFL Draft and beyond post-trade draft picks article. So what does that come to? Per our article:

"The final estimated tally is as follows: First round – 0 (none) Second round – 0 (none), Third round – 1 (one), Fourth-round – 1 (one), Fifth round – 1 (one), Sixth round – 3 (three), Seventh round – 2 (two). Total – 8 (eight) As per November 7, 2021, projects the LA Rams to have the following 2022 NFL Draft picks: 100, 141, 172, 212, 213, 214, 223, 251"

So the final tally comes down to 0 picks on Day 1, one pick on Day 2, and seven picks on Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Considering how effectively that the Rams have drafted in later rounds in the past, there is no reason to place the team’s focus into an exclusive either/or scenario where this team has forsaken future success for the sake of a stronger roster for the 2021 NFL season.

The Rams are getting stronger now by trading for game-changers. The Rams are getting stronger for the future by building around elite players going forward.

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