LA Rams sign FA OC Drake Jackson to 2022 futures contract.

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Expiration date? 2022

I’m not sure how long it will take the Rams fans to forgive the front office for passing up a chance to draft offensive center Creed Humphrey, but that moment has not arrived just yet.  We had Humphrey mocked to the LA Rams at 57.  But as often is the case for offensive linemen and the LA Rams draft class, ne’er the twain shall meet.

As a result, the Rams entered the season knowing full well the fact that all three options at the offensive center position were not under contract with the team in 2022. Not only is that challenging in terms of preparing someone to take over the job next year, but it completely blows any advantage the team may wish to hold in contract negotiations.

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COVID outbreak holds a silver lining

While the Rams clearly missed an opportunity to add a young and talented offensive lineman to the roster in the 2021 NFL Draft, other options presented themselves through the course of the season. One such opportunity occurred when the Detroit Lions waived undrafted rookie center, Drake Jackson.

Jackson was a rather well-regarded offensive center who was considered to be a late Day 3 prospect. Unfortunately, he did not hear his name called in the 2021 NFL Draft and signed on with the Detroit Lions. He was given a chance with both the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots, but he found it difficult to catch on to any team roster as he jumped onboard well past the start of training camp.

He eventually was signed to the LA Rams roster when the team suffered a crippling outbreak of COVID-19 among the players. In fact, he was one of nine such players added. Of course, under the circumstances, the coaching staff was less interested in assessing future potential on the roster than simply trying to crash course well enough to get a team on the football field.

But in less than two weeks’ time, Rams players began to test negatively, were restored to the roster, and the team no longer needed the services of so many emergency signings. Drake Jackson was released, and the Rams ended up no closer to having a 2022 center than before.