LA Rams complete 2022 restricted free agent ranking

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LA Rams Free Agency
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These Rams are doing it the LA Rams way

While we settle in in our demands to fire and sign players, coaches, and executives, the LA Rams front office has truly stepped up for the team in a way that tests the entire roster-building process in the NFL. One universal rule of thumb is for NFL GMs to never trade away draft picks. From the 2022 NFL Draft alone, the Rams have traded away their first, second, third, fourth, and sixth-round draft picks.  Hmm. If you want to know when the LA Rams will make their selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, click on this link.

Another universal rule of thumb is never to allow Dead cap money to claim more than $15 million of the overall NFL salary cap allotment. And yet, the LA Rams front office has allowed more than $101,074,584 in Dead cap money over the past three seasons. That averages out to $33,691,528 in unavailable funds per year over each of the past three seasons.

What have the Rams done over the past three seasons?

2019 – Win   9  Loss 7
2020 – Win 10  Loss 6  – NFL Playoffs,sixth-seed
2021 – Win  12 Loss 5  – NFC West Division Title, NFL Playoffs, fourth-seed

And yet, there is a bit of unrest from fans in the comment sections, in fan forums, and amidst social medial. That’s okay. With a combined record of 54 wins and 26 losses over the past five years, expectations have skyrocketed.

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Rams know a player’s real value

One of the ways that the Rams have succeeded is having a great feel for the value of a player when it comes to free agency. Even as fans have lobbied, pleaded, and even begged for the team to extend their favorite players, many players show a substantial drop in productive statistics after leaving the LA Rams organization. Whether it’s a starting quarterback named Jared Goff, a starting defensive back named John Johnson III, or even a young and rapidly developing defensive end named Morgan Fox, the grass seldom seems to be greener on the other side of the fence.

And so, the LA Rams must rework the roster once more, and while they may not be tasked with that objective for another month, you can bet that the personnel department is already immersed in data analytics right now. It’s another sprint to the beginning of the NFL Free Agency Market. Let’s see who the LA Rams are working with, shall we?