LA Rams Von Miller, Darious Williams in PFF’s 2022 Top 50 FAs

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LA Rams Free Agency Von Miller
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There should be no surprise over the fact that the LA Rams, who traded for Von Miller in the last year of his existing contract, would be compelled back to the negotiating table less than a year after trading two 2022 NFL Draft picks to acquire him. To many, the wisdom of that trade lies in the ability of the team to extend him to another multi-year deal. If you need a booster shot of optimism, I think that the Rams will do exactly that.

Von Miller is a very unique player. He is one of the most talented outside linebackers in the NFL still. And yet, he has fun at work. So much fun that he places others at ease, breaks the tension, relieves the pressure. Oh yeah, he dominates on defense once more. In fact, it may that chance to play alongside Aaron Donald that will keep him interested in playing for the LA Rams. Let’s hope so.

Can’t afford not to re-sign Miller

Extending Von Miller may seem like a luxury that the Rams cannot afford, but I think otherwise. I believe that not re-signing Miller is a mistake that these LA Rams cannot afford to make. How so? Particularly with estimating his salary averaging a projected $8.9 million per year?

We featured Miller in a recent article and illustrated how his production is back to prime-time Von Miller. That level of prime production is unique to his playing with the LA Rams. In short, he is much more valuable to the LA Rams than to other NFL teams. He is clearly able to generate double-digit quarterback sacks, incredible run defense, and even containment to the growing number of mobile quarterbacks.

It makes complete sense for the LA Rams, who despite the youthful nature of their roster, to re-sign Von Miller. If not for the fact that he is a true level-up to this defense, then simply for the fact that the team burned a 2022 second-round and third-round pick to acquire him. That’s an awfully steep rental for a part-year player.

If Miller does test the 2022 NFL Free Agency market, he could be in for quite a bidding war. In 2021, both Carl Lawson and Yannick Ngakoue landed contracts in the $13-15 million per year. Miller will end up there or more. If he does, that would likely result in a calculation for an NFL Compensatory Pick award in round four of the 2023 NFL Draft.