LA Rams free agency: 4 Eagles who could be trade targets for 2022

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Even as the LA Rams prepare to compete in Super Bowl LVI, the events of the 2021 NFL season are all but over for the team’s front office. More specifically, the personnel department for the organization is already gearing up for the loss of coaching staff and players that will happen virtually instantly after the game.

Of course, the first option for any NFL team is to make an effort to retain existing players. But the LA Rams are competing in Super Bowl LVI, and even playing in the Super Bowl raises the asking price of players about to hit the NFL Free Agency Market. While we have published an article detailing how the LA Rams could free up enough money to extend several high-priority free agent extensions, the plan works if players want to re-sign with the Rams.

Rams Free Agency enigma

Who are the Rams at risk of losing to another team in the 2022 NFL Free Agency Market? Well, if a new NFL franchise focused on signing only LA Rams free agents, they would likely win half of their 2022 scheduled games. It’s never a ‘safe’ presumption to believe that the LA Rams will retain most of their free agents. Historically, the team has been very selective about who they bring back.

It’s not for a lack of interest. The Rams have a very detailed and precise way of measuring a player’s value to the team and to the free market.  After that exercise, the team will extend an offer. The player can tell the agent to accept the offer, bargain with another team for a better offer, or wait and see. Typically, it’s those players who want to re-sign with the LA Rams who ultimately do.

For those players who move on, they may sign for a bigger contract, but the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. OLB Dante Fowler Jr. signed on with the Atlanta Falcons for a lucrative contract in 2020. But he struggled in their defense, so much so that he was forced to renegotiate his contract to remain on the team.

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Will players give the LA Rams the benefit of the doubt and re-sign at a discount to remain with the team?