Rams Free Agency tracker 2022: Who’s coming and going in Los Angeles?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The key for the team’s 2022 roster, if it has any hope of success, is to be as savvy and bargain-minded as possible during the Rams’ Free Agency activity. To stay abreast of the latest activity, just click this link here to take you to the latest articles on the topic. The team may not have a stack of Benjamins to spend quite yet, but they can free up cash if and when that all becomes necessary. If you are interested in how the team can accomplish that, or simply want to refresh your memory, click on this link here.

The LA Rams are most certainly not going to restock the shelves for the 2022 NFL Season with starting-caliber NFL players from the 2022 NFL Draft. That was assumed, not by us, but by the team when they made the decision to empty the cupboards of picks and stockpile the 2021 NFL roster.

Instead, the team will need to commit to NFL free agents to handle the majority of snaps for any holes that develop in the roster and then backfill with rookies in the draft to ensure that the team has adequate depth. That will be a bit of a challenge throughout the process for two reasons.

Updated: May 23, 2022,   Current Roster: 90 players

The current LA Rams‘ available cap space is projected to be: $4,658,237 which is the Top-51 by Spotrac.com. This number appears to finally take into account both KR/PR Brandon Powell and P Riley Dixon in the totals.

The Rams have cleared significant salary-cap space by releasing punter Johnny Hekker (saving $2 million), restructuring and clearing $12 million by restructuring the contract of veteran OLB Leonard Floyd and clearing $16 million from the retirement of venerable left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Finally, the Rams’ extension for Matthew Stafford appears to save the team $10 million, while trading WR Robert Woods saves the team another $4 million.  Follow all that?

Another challenge is navigating the algorithms used to calculate the compensatory picks awarded. Since the LA Rams organization has been very active in using draft picks to acquire current NFL players, the ability to restock young players to develop for the future has relied more and more upon comp picks.

To better understand the LA Rams and the Rams free agency process, check out our article that explains the ins and outs and terms associated with the NFL free agency market with this link.

We’ll keep this one updated throughout the free agency activity, so be sure to refer back to it time and again.

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Who are the LA Rams 2022 Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs)?

The Rams have quite a few recognizable names on their projected Unrestricted Free Agents list:

Position                      Name                           New Team    Link to more detail
Offensive guard        Austin Corbett           Panthers      3 year $29.5 deal
Offensive center       Brian Allen                  LA Rams       3 year $24 million deal
Offensive Tackle       Joe Noteboom            LA Rams       3 year $40+ million deal
Defensive back         Darious Williams       Jaguars          3 year $30+ million deal
Defensive back         Donte Deayon
Nose Tackle                Sebastian Joseph Day Chargers   3 year $24 million deal
Outside linebacker   Von Miller                    Bills                6 year $120 million deal
Outside linebacker   Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Texans       1-year $3.25 Million deal
Outside linebacker   Justin Lawler              Titans             Titans sign OLB Lawler
Running back             Sony Michel               Dolphins       Signing with Dolphins
Running back             Buddy Howell
Tight End                     Johnny Mundt           Vikings          2 year $2.415 million deal
Wide Receiver            Odell Beckham Jr.
WR/PR/KR                 Brandon Powell         LA Rams      1-year deal (terms undisclosed)
Punter                          Johnny Hekker           Panthers      Released & signs w Panthers

Who are the LA Rams 2022 Restricted Free Agents (RFAs)?

Believe it or not, some of the keystones of the projected 2022 Rams roster fall into the category of Restricted Free Agents. Three players fall into this category. Who are they?

Position                       Name                             New Team
Offensive center        Coleman Shelton        LA Rams (multi-year deal)
Placekicker                  Matt Gay                       Gay signs Tender Offer
Inside linebacker       Travin Howard              Howards signs Tender Offer
Inside linebacker       Troy Reeder                   Reeder signs w the Chargers
Interior Off Linman   Jamil Demby

Who are the LA Rams Exclusive Rights Free Agents (ERFAs)?

The LA Rams currently have two players who will be ERFAs:

Position                      Name                             New Team
Quarterback               John Wolford                John Wolford returns on a one-year deal
Safety                          Jake Gervase                Jake Gervase resigns with the LA Rams

For a complete and detailed analysis of each of the LA Rams’ complete 2020 restricted and exclusive rights free agents, just click this link.

2022 Free Agents (re-)signed by the LA Rams

The LA Rams, like all NFL teams, typically sign players from their practice squad at the end of the season to reserve/future contracts. That maintains the contractual relationship with the players to continue training and developing, while not triggering any roster penalties. When the new NFL season begins, they will join the active roster in OTAs (organized team activities) and training camp. The LA Rams, currently are:

Position                       Name                     Link to more info

Offensive center       Drake Jackson       (reserve/future contract)
Offensive tackle        Adrian Ealy            (reserve/future contract)
Wide receiver             Landen Akers        (reserve/future contract)
Offensive tackle        Chandler Brewer  (reserve/future contract)
Defensive back          Antoine Brooks Jr (reserve/future contract)
Defensive end           Earnest Brown IV (reserve/future contract)
Defensive back          Tyler Hall                 (reserve/future contract)
Offensive guard         Jeremiah Kolone    (reserve/future contract)
Wide receiver             J.J. Koski                    (reserve/future contract)
Tight end                     Kyle Markway         (reserve/future contract)
Defensive back          Kareem Orr              (reserve/future contract)
Offensive tackle        Max Pircher (IPP)    (reserve/future contract)
Defensive end            Jonah Williams        (reserve/future contract)
Wide receiver             Warren Jackson       (reserve/future contract)

2022 Free Agents (re-)signing with LA Rams

Position                      Name                          Link to more info

Offensive Tackle      Joseph Noteboom     Noteboom will re-sign with the Rams
Offense Center        Brian Allen                   Allen to re-sign with Rams
Offensive Guard      Coleman Shelton       Shelton to re-sign with Rams
Wide Receiver         Allen Robinson           Robinson signs with LA Rams
WR/PR/KR               Brandon Powell         Powell re-signs with Rams
ILB                               Bobby Wagner           Wagner signs with LA Rams
P                                  Riley Dixon                  Dixon signs with LA Rams

2022 Free Agents leaving the LA Rams

OLB Justin Lawler to Tennessee Titans (February 23, 2022)
OG Austin Corbett to Carolina Panthers (March 14, 2022)
NT Sebastian Joseph Day to LA Chargers (March 14, 2022)
OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo to Houston Texans (March 15, 2022)
DB Darious Williams to Jaguars (March 16, 2022)
TE Johnny Mundt to Minnesota Vikings (March 16, 2022)
OLB Von Miller to Buffalo Bills (March 16, 2022)
P Johnny Hekker to Carolina Panthers (March 18, 2022)
DB Kareem Orr was released by LA Rams (April 16, 2022)
OC Drake Jackson was released by LA Rams (April 19, 2022)

Estimated Compensatory Picks to be awarded

Name                              Contract value     Proj Comp Pick (Per Over the Cap.com)

Justin Lawler                 T.B.D.                      Non-CFA (Non-Compensatory FA) lost
Austin Corbett                3-year $29.5M   Estimated 5th-round 2023 Comp Pick
Sebastian Joseph Day  3-year $24M      Estimated 6th-round 2023 Comp Pick
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo  1-year 3.25M     Estimated 7th-round 2023 Comp Pick
Darious Williams          3-year $30+ M    Estimated 5th-round 2023 Comp Pick
Johnny Mundt               2 yr $2.42M        Non-CFA (Non-Compensatory FA) lost
Von Miller                       6-yr $120M        Estimated 5th-round 2023 Comp Pick*
Allen Robinson             3-yr  $46.5M      Offsets 5th-round pick by Von Miller
Bobby Wagner             5-yr $50 M          No offsets, released by Seahawks

*Due to Von Miller accruing 10 years, he is capped at a 5th-round Comp Pick by agreement

Total estimated awarded 2023 comp picks:

Round 3 – 0
Round 4 – 0
Round 5 – 2
Round 6 – 1
Round 7 – 1

Total       – 4

Maximum compensatory picks allowed per team per year: 4

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