LA Rams pledge to Run It Back in 2022 is a bit complicated

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The wicked which of the NFC West

The first hurdle to making it back to a point of repeating is winning games in the very competitive NFC West. In the past three seasons, the LA Rams have gone 19-11 in the NFC West Division, and have swept their opponents just once, in 2018.  But as competitive as the division is, all three NFC West rivals are asking themselves, which quarterback will start for the team in 2022?

If you haven’t heard, the Arizona Cardinals are in relationship-repair mode with their starting quarterback (did I hear someone say ‘Diva’?) Kyler Murray. In the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs, reports have surfaced that a battle-weary Murray refused to take the football field with his teammates to finish out the loss to the LA Rams. That led to some very unkind comments being made about Murray, and he has removed all association with the Cardinals from his social media accounts. That has led to this:

What is the right answer for the Cardinals? We know full well that the team will jump through the hoops, kiss Murray’s ring finger, and sweet talk him back into the fold. But I for one really have little respect for a cry-baby quarterback who refuses to take the field with his teammate because he is losing the game badly. Adversity builds character, as we witness in the LA Rams team this season.

In the words of country singer Shania Twain?  That don’t impress me much.