Had LA Rams success made veteran NFL QBs red hot this off-season?

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QBs zipping to a new zip code

Okay, so which QBs are likely to play for new teams this year? Well, we don’t have to go very far to find evidence of that right now. We know that the LA Rams’ three rivals in the NFC West Division are facing sensitive scenarios with their 2021 starting quarterbacks. Of course, the most certain scenario (if there is such a thing) is that of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Right now, we know that the 49ers are actively shopping Garoppolo on the trade block, and had hoped to have him fetch a hefty first-round pick. The initial response from NFL teams, however, has not generated those types of offers. Rather, the best offers so far have reported fallen into a second-round plus a fourth-round offer. What is the disparity? The new NFL team must hope that a throwing-shoulder surgery goes well and that Garoppolo can be back on the football field in time to master a new offensive scheme.

That’s a lot to ask of a new team on blind faith. While there is interest, that situation could take weeks to resolve, at least until the medical staff of any potential acquiring team is satisfied that Garoppolo is on track.

Murray meltdown?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is possibly his own worst enemy. Whoever has advised this guy about the best off-season strategies to earn a top-paying contract has missed the mark by a mile. If the reports that have surfaced recently are true, the Cardinals quarterback refused to finish off the playoff loss against the Rams, got upset when anonymous sources called him out on it, removed all references to the team on his social media account, and now wants the Cardinals to ante up for a high paying extension.

I’m not making this stuff up. The Arizona Cardinals, and the NFL in general, have placed Kyler Murray prematurely on a pedestal.  Now, the team is painted into a corner. Do they pay him and hope that he matures? Or do they cut ties now as Murray’s actions are not exactly exuding a bunch of confidence in the guy?

Wondering about Wilson? You are not alone

Of course, there is an almost mandatory annual drama in Seattle narrative over Seattle Seahawks’ veteran quarterback Russell Wilson. Each year, the vigilance begins over whether or not the Seattle Seahawks will try to reforge a winner behind the veteran leadership of Wilson, or blow it all up and rebuild anew.

The keystone to it all is the Seahawks coaching staff, and the return of Pete Carroll to lead the team once more is a pretty clear indication that the team’s overall strategy is to reforge and tweak the roster, rather than blow it all up and start over. Of course, the fact that there are no elite quarterback prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft class may have a strong bearing on the team’s decision.

And then there is this:

But not so long ago, Russell Wilson sanitized all of his social media accounts, removing all references to the Seahawks. Everyone knows in the NFC West that the Seahawks are only good with Wilson under center. So where does that leave the Seahawks? Worrying, wondering, but still likely to find Russell Wilson as their quarterback for one more season.