LA Rams rumors: Would trading WR Robert Woods help or hurt team?

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Benefit I: Minimize the risk

In any risk management course, one of the methods of minimizing risks by an organization is to distance themselves from the risk factors. In short, try to eliminate the potential risks by either improving the internal controls (process) to catch problems before they become bigger problems, or to avoid the risks that cannot be controlled.

For the LA Rams, that takes the form of reducing the number of injured players who will be counted on to contribute at the wide receiver position. Of course, the marketability of players who are coming off an injury, particularly the wide receiver position, is typically not very strong. And the Rams’ also face the fact that two of those players are rookies who have no track record of performance at the NFL level.

Rams Rumors: Robert Woods’ trade market is red hot

But one player who is attracting a great deal of attention, who has a solid track record in the NFL, and is expected to be fully recovered before the 2022 NFL season starts is veteran WR Robert Woods. And to no surprise, as Woods was a topic of trade requests from NFL teams a year ago.

At that time, even though unconvinced that a trade could happen, we did the mental exercise of envisioning what that might look like for the team. In the scenario, we envisioned the LA Rams traded Woods for a first-round draft pick and then turned towards the 2021 NFL Draft with a newly added pick to see how the Rams might cash that in.