LA Rams red hot rumors: Meeting ILB Bobby Wagner with ‘mutual interest’

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams defense is very potent, as potent as the defense that began the 2021 NFL season. While the team has lost the play of NT Sebastian Joseph Day, the team welcomed the surging performances of NT Greg Gaines and DL A’Shawn Robinson. While the team is losing DB Darious Williams, the team welcomed the heroics of David Long Jr. and the further development of DB Robert Rochell.

But what about that blockbuster deal that will knock you out of your seat type-of-signing? Something along the lines of the trade for OLB Von Miller, but with more of a full-season feel to it? When the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks cut veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, there was immediate interest by fans to add his stonewall presence to the middle of this defense.

But the LA Rams front office had other pots boiling on the stove, and that seemed to command all of their attention, at least initially. Well, the team tried unsuccessfully to sign veteran OLB Von Miller, a player who truly seemed to be a key piece to ensuring that the Rams pass rush found their overdrive just in time to race to a victory in Super Bowl LVI.

Rams rumors for Bobby Wagner just got hot

Since that time, Rams GM Les Snead admitted in a press conference that the LA Rams assembled personnel execs and defensive coaches to discuss how a player like Bobby Wagner might fit for the LA Rams defense. But even as we said at the time, the LA Rams were to the third stage of Rams rumors, where the team has directly expressed interest in the player.

Now that the cat is out of the back, look what else we know? Per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Bobby Wagner is visiting the LA Rams and there is ‘mutual interest’ in doing a deal

A year ago, there may not have been any interest from the Rams. But defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has a different mindset about the role of an inside linebacker in the Rams 3-4 defense. It was he that solved the Rubik’s cube of that infamous dink-and-dunk offense that thwarted the team so often in the past.

How good is Wagner? While he does not walk on water, his icy cold stare could freeze it thick enough to run across a body of it.  All kidding aside, this guy is dominating as a linebacker, as dominating as a linebacker can be. His list of awards and honors earned in just ten years of NFL play is impressive. But he set a career-high in tackles, 170, just last season.

He is a field general, an enforcer, and could be one helluva mentor for the LA Rams young linebackers. He seems like a huge fit on this defense, not just for what he can deliver, but how he can elevate the play of other players around him.

This feels like something, doesn’t it? Stay tuned, as things can happen quite quickly.

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