LA Rams: 2022 post-free agency Mock Draft

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LA Rams Draft Marquan McCall
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With the 219th selection of the 2022 NFL Draft

In the sixth round, the LA Rams select

Assuming new offensive coordinator Liam Coen provides a glowing endorsement of the mammoth nose tackle from his former place of employment, drafting him a pick 218 could be a significant addition to the LA Rams front.

The departure of Sebastian Joseph Day opens up a spot in the defensive tackle rotation with Greg Gaines, and McCall can be the person to fill that role. At 6’3″ 342Ibs, he is physically bigger than Gaines and heavier than Joseph Day.

His size is both a benefit and a limitation, as his playing weight in college was even higher and became a cause of concern going into the 2022 NFL Draft process. In credit to Marquan McCall’s mentality, he took the problems seriously and cut twenty pounds almost immediately.

As he transitions into the NFL, he will aim to continue his efforts to be in his best shape, but his weight change adds to the difficulty in his evaluation. He almost looks like a completely different athlete after dropping weight going into the draft process.

For an LA Rams front-seven that already has some of the best talents in the NFL, the addition of a space-eater like Maquan McCall can force teams to once again pick and choose who to block. If McCall can maintain his physical peak, he is potentially more valuable than a sixth-round pick.

That’s where Coen’s insight from his Kentucky days becomes even more valuable. If his contacts believe that the slimmer, more athletic McCall will be what shows up in the NFL, he would be the perfect replacement for Sebastian Joseph Day.