What a crazy time for LA Rams to waive DB Kareem Orr

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have really stumped me over their latest roster decision. While the team is clearly seeking to add players to create their best 90-man roster, they decided to let one player off at this stop. Huh?

No, I’m not as plugged into the LA Rams decision-making process as I would like to be. If I was, I’d be getting someone on the phone to explain to me how waiving defensive back Kareem Orr, a player who has experience with the Rams defense and who plays in a position that seems paper-thin right now, helps the team?

After all, we’d already sounded the alarm on the depth of the Rams at defensive back earlier this month.

I’m not trying to fool myself or anyone else over the value of Orr in the grand scheme of the LA Rams defense. He was one of over a dozen players signed to a Reserve Future contract, and as such faced an uphill climb to emerge from training camp with a roster spot. He may have been viewed by the Rams coaching staff as a camp body, someone to have around to even up the numbers to ensure smooth execution of drills in OTAs and camp.

So why would the team sign a player, and then two months later release the guy?

LA Rams roster needs to add DBs quickly

Well, the move comes at point-blank range from the Rams’ April 18 date of the first day for the team to conduct OTAs. And it comes shortly after the LA Rams have named former linebackers coach Chris Shula as Pass Game Coordinator/Defensive Backs coach with Jonathan Cooley as Defensive Backs coach.

Now, who will they coach? Well, with the release of Orr, the LA Rams are now down to five cornerbacks and four safeties.

  • Cornerbacks              Safeties
  • Jalen Ramsey            Jordan Fuller
  • Robert Rochell          Taylor Rapp
  • David Long Jr.            Nick Scott
  • Grant Haley               Terrell Burgess
  • Tyler Hall

So now where does that leave the Rams as they prepare for the NFL Draft? Well, the Rams inflated their 90-man roster to 14 defensive backs.  By a simple rough count, that places at least five defensive backs on the Rams’ shopping list.

Lo and behold, we just happened to identify five defensive backs who could and should be on the LA Rams draft board. With the team sitting at just eight draft picks, the Rams will likely augment their draft class with a number of defensive backs signed after the draft ends. While the LA Rams are known for building their roster in unconventional ways, cutting a defensive back before OTAs seems a bit puzzling even for them.

One more roster slot to fill. Perhaps it’s just a prerequisite move before the front office signs a veteran free agent? While there could be a debate over other positions on the roster that need to be addressed, this release certainly has made the Rams’ secondary a priority in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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