Will any LA Rams traded picks produce an NFL star?

Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

While the LA Rams have eight draft picks for the 2022 NFL Draft, only two of those eight picks are from their original allotment of seven draft picks. The Rams have five awarded compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. And finally, the LA Rams have one additional pick as partial compensation for the Rams-Dolphins trade of DB Aqib Talib. Need more information? We’ve been tracking the future draft picks for quite a while, and have it all detailed for you at this link here.

So the Rams have traded away five picks that they had originally owned. Which picks are they?

Round     Pick       NFL Team
1               32          Detroit Lions
2               64          Denver Broncos
3               96          Denver Broncos
4              137         Carolina Panthers (via draft-day trade with Houston Texans in 2021)
6              211         New England Patriots

Okay, so who may those teams be picking?

The needs for all 32 NFL Teams have been suggested in NFL.com’s recent article by Dan Parr. In his article, he believes that the Detroit Lions need a quarterback, edge rushers, and cornerbacks.

Pick 32 – While the 2022 NFL Draft does not offer any knock-your-socks-off rookie quarterbacks, many mock drafts agree that the Lions could use pick 32 to add a developmental quarterback to learn this year. Curiously, the name that pops up most frequently is Mississippi quarterback Matt Corral.

Is Corral a sure thing? Not even close. But he is an excellent choice for a backup to Detroit Lions’ QB Jared Goff. He is very accurate in short to intermediate routes. He can also take off, in true dual-threat fashion. Best of all, he can improvise, a trait that Goff has not yet proven to have mastered.

Mississippi. MattCorral. 32. player. NFL Draft Profile. NFL Draft Buzz. QB. 841

Denver Broncos

Pick 64
The Denver Broncos traded a bevy of their draft picks to acquire veteran quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. Their draft needs have been identified as TE, RB, and DB. But the name that keeps showing up for the Broncos at 64 is Ohio State’s OT Nicholas Petit-Frere.

OT. player. Draft Buzz. Ohio State. NicholasPetit-frere. 64. 812. NFL Draft Profile

Pick 96
The Broncos have a chance to add an impact player earlier this round but are still looking for a tight end, a running back, or a defensive back. Curiously, in several mock drafts, tight end Trey McBride is available at 96. Russell Wilson will love adding this big body to the line of scrimmage, and even more when they get to see how he excels as a receiver

PFN Draft profile. TreyMcBride. 96. 896. NFL Draft Profile. Colorado State. player. TE

Panthers and Patriots

Pick 137
The Carolina Panthers need a QB, OL, and Edge. With their first-round pick likely to land a quarterback, the Panthers will likely seek to reinforce their offensive line next.  OT Braxton Jones could be the pick there.

Pick 211
The New England Patriots need DBs, OL, and LBs but by the time they step up to the podium for the 211th pick, they’ve met the needs and are shopping BPA.  The result is a defensive lineman with a solid upside, UCF’s DL Khalia Davis

NFL Draft Profile. Draft Buzz. UCF. 211. DL. KaliaDavis. player. 886

That’s just a sampling of the players who could be chosen by NFL teams with the picks that the LA Rams had traded away. Do any appear to have star potential? Did the LA Rams truly rob Peter to pay Paul?

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