3 moves LA Rams must make following 2022 NFL Draft

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Okay. By most accounts, the LA Rams 90-man roster (okay, 90 +1 for our Internationa Pathway Program player) is now full. So now what? Well, we’re still tumbling through the 24 almost instant additions to this roster, and trying to gauge who may stick with the team on the active roster, who may slide over to the practice squad as a developmental project, and who is going to gain valuable NFL experience, but will need to peddle his football wares on a new team.

And I will tell you, at this point in time, that seems to be a rather difficult task.

After all, so far the heavy lifting has been all on the backs of the LA Rams personnel department, a small army of some of the best talent scouts in the NFL. How can I say that? Well, it’s a simple conclusion to make based on the amount of success that this team has enjoyed, and having done so without the benefit of selecting early in the NFL drafts.

But this is not some Ronco (Late night infomercial small appliances and gadgetry) set it and forget it NFL roster. Like any growing thing, encouraging growth must also include a cycle of pruning parts that are either too mature to bear fruit, or are outright withering on the vine. The process allows the necessary elements to focus on the best growth, and therefore produce the best results.

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Today, the LA Rams have traded for veteran CB Troy Hill for a minimal cost of a 2023 fifth-round pick. And ironically, he is awfully easy on the purse strings too. But we’ll cover that soon (I promise).  For now, let’s stick a pin in sorting out the LA Rams roster moves, additions, and analysis and focus on the immediate next steps.