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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams knew that winning Super Bowl LVI would come with benefits, and challenges. The benefits were many and a little bit more obvious. The challenges were a bit more subtle. Some of the greatest but unspoken challenges have happened. After all, as soon as the season is over, it’s awfully difficult to keep everyone together.

The Rams have suffered losses of key coaches to other NFL teams, as well as losing key veteran players to rosters of other teams. But rosters fluctuate for NFL teams each year, and this year was no exception. Even as the LA Rams traded away WR Robert Woods to the Tennesee Titans, and lost veteran outside linebacker Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills via free agency, they have added WR Allen Robinson and veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner to the Rams roster via free agency.

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We already know a few things about these LA Rams and their schedule for the 2022 NFL season. For starters, the NFL has scheduled five games to be played internationally. Thankfully, the LA Rams will not be one of the 10 teams required to represent American Football internationally. Not that we do not love and appreciate international fans, we do. It’s simply that travel for the LA Rams typically is among the most miles traveled by any NFL team each year.

We also know that despite the LA Rams playing  10 of 17 games at SoFi Stadium, and without an international contest, they will remain one of the most traveled teams during the 2022 NFL season.

So who will the LA Rams face in 2022?

Away games

Seattle Seahawks (7-10) – New QB
The LA Rams swept the Seattle Seahawks in 2021, perhaps accelerating their decision to rebuild this year. With a new quarterback in Drew Lock, many expect the Seahawks to be a bit vulnerable in 2022. Facing the Seahawks earlier in the season would seem to be advantageous, as there are many moving parts on this team that could begin to synch up later.
Arizona Cardinals (11-6)
The LA Rams split regular-season games with the Arizona Cardinals but continued to dominate the Cardinals with a rather lopsided Wildcard Round victory in the NFL Playoffs. Facing the Cardinals later in the season, when they seem to fade uncontrollably, seems to be the ticket to emerging from the desert successfully. But WR DeAndre Hopkins faces a six-game suspension. So the Cardinals may be vulnerable early too.
San Francisco 49ers (10-7) New QB
The LA Rams lost both regular-season games to the 49ers, but finally ended the losing streak and QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s dominance, by defeating the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. The 49ers plan to unleash new quarterback Trey Lance in 2022. But will he hit the ground running?  I think he will struggle at times. The Rams may want to pick a game against the 49ers early as well. This one has prime-time appeal.
Los Angeles Chargers (9-8) * At SoFi Stadium
This could be a brutally close contest, as the offensive insight of Rams HC Sean McVay faces off against the defensive insight of Charger HC Brandon Staley. Staley really stocked up solid defensive contributors this offseason. This one has prime-time appeal.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4) Brady is unretired
The LA Rams have defeated the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their past three contests, and you can bet that the Buccaneers will be playing extra hard in this one. Over the past two seasons, the Super Bowl winner has been either the Bucs or the Rams. This one will be a prime-time game.
New Orleans Saints (9-8) New coaching staff
Despite the fact that the Saints have a new coaching staff, this game always carries the shroud of the NFC Championship Game with the mysterious no-call on pass interference. Curiously, those types of officiating errors tend to wash out over the course of the game. But the losing team fixates on that one event. That fixation will play out in this one too. This has prime-time appeal for that reason.
Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)
The LA Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs’ last contest was a masterpiece, a 54-51 scoring fest victory by the LA Rams. Look for more of the same in this one, as the Rams’ offense has quietly assembled a receiving corps that can threaten defenses all over the field. This is a prime-time candidate.
Green Bay Packers (13-4)
The LA Rams have traveled to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field twice in the past two years, and have been denied a win in each contest. The key to any success in Green Bay is to get in early, get the win, and get out. Hopefully, the Rams will get this one out of the way early, but don’t expect NFL schedulers to agree. This game has prime-time playoff push written all over it.

Home games

Seattle Seahawks (7-10)
See above
Arizona Cardinals (11-6)
See above
San Francisco 49ers (10-7) New QB
See above
Atlanta Falcons (7-10) New QB
The Atlanta Falcons are no longer led by veteran quarterback Matt Ryan. Will veteran quarterback Marcus Mariota succeed for the Falcons? Time will tell. But it’s hard to imagine he will succeed where Ryan had failed. One curious dynamic will be Rams DC Raheem Morris will face his old team
Carolina Panthers (5-12)
The Carolina Panthers feel like a team that is content to take their lumps in 2022 but focus upon 2023 as their breakout year. Their quarterback will likely remain Sam Darnold, and with it comes limits to what this team will do.
Las Vegas Raiders (10-7) New coaching staff
The Raiders have retooled the offense by adding wide receiver Davante Adams to an offense that already included WR Hunter Renfrow, TE Darren Waller, and RB Josh Jacobs. While they are excited for new head coach Josh McDaniels, I’m not as optimistic. He has twice been the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.
Denver Broncos (7-10) CHRISTMAS DAY

The buzz right now is that the LA Rams season opener will be against the Denver Broncos. That would make some sense, as the Broncos hired three former Rams coaches for roles in their new coaching staff. Rams secondary coach Ejiro Evero is the Broncos’ new Defensive Coordinator. Assistant ST coach Dwayne Stukes is their ST Coordinator. Finally, Rams Assistant DL coach Marcus Dixon is the Broncos DL Coach. And how can you overlook the Rams facing their former NFC West nemesis, veteran quarterback Russell Wilson?

The LA Rams will host the Broncos in Week 16. Will both teams be fighting for their playoff lives by then? Both teams hope that they are on the hunt. By this time, we’ll know whether all of the roster moves by the Broncos paid off. This should be a good contest.

Dallas Cowboys (12-5)
The Dallas Cowboys certainly surprised a few teams in 2021, but as they discovered, their 6-0 dominance of a weak NFC East accounted for half of their success. They played to a 6-5 record against the remaining NFL. Now?  They flip up from a third-place team schedule to a first-place team schedule. They had a solid offense in 2021 and a far better defense than expected. But will they perform as well against better NFL teams? I think this game is another prime-time candidate, so look for it in December.

Buffalo Bills (11-6)
The LA Rams versus the Buffalo Bills is already being hailed as a Super Bowl LVII preview. The Bills landed outside linebacker Von Miller and felt that he was that final piece to put them over the top. Could he be? That remains to be seen. The Bills certainly believe that this is their year. Playing this one in Los Angeles opens the possibility of a holiday contest.

Right now, momentum seems to be picking up for the Bills to face the Rams in the TNF season opener. That’s opening the 2022 NFL season with quite a bang. Will it come to pass? You can bet it will get plenty of national viewers if it opens the season.

Schedule summary

In the end, several games that, at first blush, appeared to be very hard wins in 2022 are showing some signs of softening already. The LA Rams face the AFC West and the NFC South teams this year, and the AFC West jumped headfirst into the Arms Race, loading up on some of the NFL’s top talent.

The buzz about the 2022 NFL schedule is on full throttle. Look for leaks throughout the week.

So it’s more than who the LA Rams are facing, but when and in what order? And when will that BYE week occur?

2022 Rams Schedule tracker

Week 1: Buffalo Bills @ LA Rams, TNF 5:20 pm PT Link

Week 2: TBD

Week 3: Rumored LA Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Week 4: Rumored LA Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 5: TBD

Week 6: TBD

Week 7: TBD

Week 8: TBD

Week 9: Rumored LA Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 10: TBD

Week 11: Rumored LA Rams @ New Orleans Saints

Week 12: Rumored LA Rams @ Kansas City Chiefs, 1:25 pm PT FOX

Week 13: TBD

Week 14: TBD

Week 15: Rumored LA Rams @ Green Bay Packers MNF

Week 16:  Denver Broncos @ LA Rams  Sunday, Dec. 25 at 1:30 pm PT CBS   Link

Week 17: Rumored LA Rams @ LA Chargers at 5:20 pm PT

Week 18: Rumored LA Rams @ Seattle Seahawks