3 must moves to build the LA Rams a better bench crew

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Don’t pass this one up

Plenty of comments have weighed in on previous suggestions for the LA Rams to kick the tires on veteran NFL  veteran quarterback Nick Foles. Some suggest that he only wants a chance to start (he doesn’t), while others insist that he costs too much (he won’t). Others suggested that his failed attempt in the past regime is enough to pass now.

Now, we know that the 2015 version of the St. Louis Rams was not an offensive powerhouse. The Rams had RB Todd Gurley, and that was pretty much it. The offensive line was not exactly blowing people off the line, either. It was a vanilla offense, and Foles had the worst season of his career by trying to make things happen and force the ball. Well, he has improved over time, as has the LA Rams offense.

One cool cookie

Right now the LA Rams quarterback room is Matthew Stafford and not much else. We know that Rams quarterback John Wolford is feisty and will fight hard. We also know that he will rely more upon his legs than his throwing accuracy to win games. Defenses who know Wolford is coming will have no problem frustrating him all afternoon. While Brycen Perkins appears to be more accurate, all we’ve seen from him are preseason games. Can Perkins’s poise stick around in live NFL action?

There is no question about that where Nick Foles is concerned. The guy is one cool cookie when the stakes are at their highest.

Foles has sat on the bench for years, so it’s clear that he could be more than content to sit on the bench for a playoff-bound team.  And the Rams need to own up to the fact that they need more than faith and hope when it comes to the backup quarterback position. So what’s the holdup?

Getting the right backup for Stafford is now, not if and when Stafford is injured. Just three veterans in three bench roles. We know what a difference having the right player on hand can mean for the Rams’ success.

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