3 reasons for LA Rams to hire LT Andrew Whitworth as coach

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Reason II:

Andrew Whitworth has a pay-it-forward mindset that is crucial for success on the LA Rams coaching staff. After all, the guy won not only a Super Bowl ring in his final season, but he won the prestigious and highly coveted Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award. It was not a marketing gimmick by the NFL nor by the LA Rams. Big Whit is made of generosity. It’s part of his DNA. And when the time came to deliver his acceptance speech, he spoke naturally about what it means to give back to his community, both near and far.

His speech was such that it inspired everyone in the room, and viewers from anywhere on the planet, to do more.

That is the stuff you want on the practice field. That is the type of person you want to be working with your younger players, to help guide them off the field as well. Veterans plant a bit of their experience, knowledge, and life perspective into the hearts, minds, and lives of younger people.

There, it takes root.

Whitworth is a gentle giant. Unlike many whose role in football is fraught with violence and physicality, Whitworth is never lost in the emotions of the moment. His temper is no hotter than smoldering. His mind is more about strategy than short-sighted tactics. He is playing chess while others around him engage in checkers. He knows how to build individuals into a team, and then, how to lead that team by solid example.