Neither PFF or the NFL respects the LA Rams roster at RB

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LA Rams Roster Sony Michel
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Do you want the bad news?

That’s not good news, nor is the fact that rookie RB Kyren Williams injured his foot and needed surgery already. That unfortunate news is even direr with the news that veteran RB Darell Henderson Jr. is already fighting a soft-tissue injury. Where the deluge of injuries to the LA Rams running backs left off in 2021, the team seems to be picking up once more in 2022.

All of this adds up to a horrendous projection by Pro Football Focus of the LA Rams running back group as it looks for the 2022 NFL season. The LA Rams rushers are currently projected to end the season at an abysmal 31st ranking out of 32 NFL teams.  I’ve ripped into the pessimistic forecasts about the LA Rams functional units in the past, but I got nothing here. From what we know, their assessment is probably accurate.

So long, Sony

The LA Rams were already quite challenged with a host of running backs returning from significant injuries in 2021. The LA Rams’ only ‘healthy’ back, Sony Michel, was acquired for two draft picks. But one year later, Michel, who was the team’s top running back in 2021, signed on elsewhere, leaving the Rams with a huge concern over the effectiveness of their running game.

Michel was the only Rams running back to put up 100 rushing yards in a game in 2021. But he is also the only rusher not returning for the 2022 season. For casual fans, and NFL-focused analysts, that is enough to be very bearish on the LA Rams group of running backs for the 2022 NFL season.