Revisiting the LA Rams uniform success rates

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Do the clothes make the man? Well, if you are a fan of the LA Rams, you could certainly make an argument for the case that certain uniform combinations had an impact on the outcome of games. So much so one of the most popular topics before game day in internet searches focused upon the LA Rams uniforms.

It began with fans tracking the success or failure of the team based on the 2020 uniform combination on their own. Surprisingly, whether by random coincidence or something else, there seemed to be a correlation between the uniform color combination and the chances of success. In 2020, Royal Blue pants were not better than a 1-4 record. Sol yellow pants were not much better, working out to a 2-3 record.  But bone pants seemed to be the ticket, as they worked out to an 8-1 record. How does that 11-7 work out in a 16-game NFL season? Well, it also considers the LA Rams 1-1 record in the postseason.

And so, some fans and beat reporters became fashionistas. And it eventually grew into a weekly statistically tracked item:

Weekly Opponent Uniform 2021 (post) season and game outcome

Week 1: vs Chicago White/Sol W 34-13
Week 2: @ Indianapolis Bone/Royal W 27-24
Week 3: vs Tampa Bay Bone/Bone W 34-24
Week 4: vs Arizona Royal/Royal L 37-20
Week 5: @ Seattle Bone/Royal W 26-17
Week 6: @ NYGiants Royal/Sol W 38-11
Week 7: vs Detroit Royal/Bone W 28-19
Week 8: @ Houston Bone/Sol W 38-22
Week 9: vs. Tennessee White/Sol L 28-16
Week 10: @ San Fran White/Royal L 31-10
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: @ Green Bay Bone/Royal L 36-28
Week 13: vs. Jacksonville Royal/Bone W 37-7
Week 14: @ Arizona Bone/Bone W 30-23
Week 15: vs. Seattle Royal/Bone W 20-10
Week 16: @ Minnesota Bone/Sol W 30-23
Week 17: @ Baltimore Bone/Bone W 20-19
Week 18: vs. San Fran Royal/Bone L 27-24

Wildcard Round: vs. Arizona Cardinals Royal/Sol W 34-11
Divisional Round: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Royal/Sol W 27-24
Conference Round: vs San Fran Royal/Sol W 20-17

Super Bowl LVI: @ Cincinnati White/Sol W 23-20

I will let you do the color scheme combination however you so choose. But there is a projected new color to add to the LA Rams color palette this year. What will it be? While we await the inevitable decision, we know that newcomer inside linebacker Bobby Wagner would love to play in a Midnight Black jersey. Somehow, I believe that Bobby Wagner would make any LA Rams color look good, as long as he is wearing it.

Are you a non-believer? Do you scoff at the very idea that the LA Rams’ uniform color palette and the combination have any bearing on the outcome of games? Or are you a fashionista? Do you look up the Rams game-day uniform and use that information to set your expectations of how well the team will play?

There’s room for everyone.

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