Bobby Wagner wants LA Rams to play in a black jersey. Why not?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams logo, uniforms, and color palette have been a rather hot topic for over two years. In fact, the introduction to the rollout of the new logo, colors, and uniforms was leaked inadvertently. Then the official statement was that the controversial leaked images were not the final versions. When the final versions were rolled out, they looked just like the leaked versions.

The reception of the new logo was not received with open arms. Rather than duck from all the negative feedback, LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff turned it all into a positive. The catch? If the community would raise $2 million or more for the LA United Way and LA Food Bank during the LA-Thon fundraiser, he promised to read the 10 meanest Rams logo tweets.

The community responded by raising $2.3 million. And so, the 10 meanest Tweets were read by LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff.

One year later, we revisited the entire logo/color/jersey controversy. Yes, we had mellowed. The new logo hadn’t changed one iota. But we did. It was a ‘meh’ matter now, no longer the ‘Oh my God! What have they done?’ response to its debut.

Of course, it didn’t seem to help when we suggested that the team consider adding Midnight Black to the color palette and offer that in a new jersey iteration from a year ago. That idea never really got any traction. But now that a future NFL Hall of Famer, All-Pro inside linebacker Bobby Wagner is on board, and is interested in playing in a black jersey, perhaps that will all change?

Hey, this is Los Angeles. Who doesn’t love a fashionista fiasco every once in a while? It’s the land of red carpets, sidewalk stars, Hollywood, and Tinsel Town.  Fashion is always in fashion, right? Sometimes our imagination doesn’t do reality justice.  Midnight Black Rams jerseys, with a contrasting Sol Yellow numbering and naming, matched with Sol Yellow pants, could be an excellent alternative uniform to play in.

You may or may not like a Rams Jersey in Midnight Black, and that is absolutely okay. But things could be worse. That logo still resembles the appendage that Hall of Famer RB Eric Dickerson described. So, in comparison to that, Midnight Black is not such a bad idea.

If Bobby Wagner wants to play in a black jersey? Why not give it to him? It could be the uniform for the Rams winning Super Bowl LVII. You just never know…

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