LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff reads 10 meanest Rams logo tweets

(Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Carter's Kids)
(Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Carter's Kids) /

LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff promised to read the meanest tweets about the Rams logo if the fans helped raise over $2 million. Today, he did so.

The LA Rams released a new team logo and color scheme this year. Unfortunately, the grand unveiling was not as well-received as Rams’ COO Kevin Demoff may have hoped. Ever the optimist and true statesman, Demoff used the negative fan reaction in a positive way, turning the ire into motivation to donate funds to a worthwhile cause.

Worthwhile cause indeed!  The fundraising event was to attract desperately needed money to help the most adversely impacted in the Los Angeles region by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  To publicize the event, the LA Rams organization synched up the unveiling of their new logo with the fundraising event.

That led to today’s official reading of the meanest and nastiest tweets. So, true to his word, Kevin Demoff did exactly that.

Of course, the hope by the fans is that the negative feedback will force the Rams to reconsider redesigning the new logo to something a little more acceptable.  But that is unlikely, considering the new graphics have been distributed as the new Rams symbol.

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That leaves Rams’ fans asking which is worse: the new Logo or the 2020 NFL Free Agency season? Based on the feedback we’ve received, the new logo is far worse.