Suddenly Seahawks aiming at LA Rams nemesis QB Garoppolo?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are not overwhelmingly concerned with the Seattle Seahawks right now. But the NFL is nicknamed ‘Not For Long’ for good reason. What do we mean? Well, the Seattle Seahawks traded away veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, and in the process received some players, including QB Drew Lock, plus a number of solid draft picks. The LA Rams may be forced to be more concerned about the Seahawks much sooner than expected.

Before compensatory picks, the Seahawks sit on nine 2023 NFL Draft picks, including two on Day 1. Right now, they are not particularly settled at quarterback with the depth chart featuring newcomer lock slugging it out with backup quarterback Geno Smith for the right to start.

But nothing is final in Seattle. In fact, things may be shaking up their roster even as you read this. You see, the Carolina Panthers traded for Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, taking one more veteran quarterback off the market. Until now, the Seahawks were rumored to be very interested in acquiring Mayfield for the right price. That’s no longer an option.

But lo’ and behold, their NFC West rivals, and the LA Rams rivals as well, the San Francisco 49ers should be getting medical clearance for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to throw once more. The 49ers would love nothing more than to dump that salary onto another team’s payroll. Unfortunately, it appears as though there is no longer an active market for Garoppolo’s services until an NFL quarterback falls to injury.

Or is there . . . ?

LA Rams: A new twist to an old division rival

This showed up suddenly

Well now, that is a twist that I didn’t see coming. But this one is heating up rapidly. In fact, multiple NFL insiders and analysts are now discussing links between the Seahawks and a potential trade for QB Jimmy Garoppolo. How close are they to making a trade is still up for debate. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And this would not be the first time this season that a star from one team has ended up on the roster of an NFC West rival, now would it. (see: Bobby socks ‘Hawks, Wagner will electrify LA Rams defense).

And so it goes:

So what does this all mean for the LA Rams?

Well, like a fruit cake that is given back and forth as a Christmas gift and never eaten, Garoppolo could once again be suiting up to face the LA Rams once more, twice a year. While the Rams defeated Garoppolo in the NFC Championship Game, he has a regular-season six-game winning streak against the Rams.

While there is plenty of buzz, I’m not sure that I agree with the fit. Garoppolo is deadly at throwing over the middle, a trait he used with pinpoint accuracy to dismantle the Rams’ defense on numerous occasions. But Seattle’s offense runs swift WRs on the outside and has run up the middle.

Garoppolo is not particularly strong at throwing to the outside, and not particularly suited for an offense that relies upon that type of offense. Of course, the Seahawks had delayed rebuilding their roster for at least one year overdue, so they may not even recognize that they would best be served to stand as is and load up on a great QB in the 2023 NFL Draft.

But this is the NFL. They are the Seattle Seahawks. So anything is possible.

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