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Doesn’t it feel like we’ve done this before, like yesterday? Well, it’s déjà vu all over again.  Plan your lunchtime accordingly, because as of 1:00 pm PT on Wednesday, August 31st, the LA Rams can begin signing players to the team’s16-man practice squad. Well, 16+1 players, as the team has an IPP-exempt player (discussed in our practice squad projection) in offensive lineman Max Pircher. He is certain to be signed to the team’s practice squad roster.

Unlike roster cuts to achieve the 53-man limit by August 30, 2022, at 1:00 pm PT, the addition of players to their practice squad works a bit differently. Teams may begin to sign players to their practice squad in a manner that is very similar to signing undrafted rookies at the conclusion of the annual NFL Draft.

The LA Rams can begin to do so on August 31, 2022, at 1:00 pm PT. There is no deadline when NFL teams must fill out their practice squad roster. So look for signings to start quickly, and then slow to a burst of one or two signings as the practice squad roster begins to fill up.

Because the rate for signing players is different for each team, some final practice squad rosters can take up to two or three days to completely fill out. Last year, the LA Rams needed more than 48 hours to complete the practice squad roster.

With that in mind, we are not recommending setting the snooze alarm and coming back to check developments in a couple of days. Updates happen in bursts, and will often be paired with the parallel track of additional updates occurring to the 53-man roster as well.

For instance, we expect the LA Rams will designate rookie OLB Daniel Hardy to IR after 1:00 pm PT today. The team may also elect to do so with WR Van Jefferson. As the team does so, that will create openings on the 53-man roster which will need to be addressed as well.

Complicating all of that is the fact that the Rams are competing against the clock and against 31 other teams who are also attempting to fill their active and practice squad rosters. Last year, the LA Rams lost ILB Christian Rozeboom to the Kansas City Chiefs, and DL Eric Banks to the LA Chargers.

LA Rams roster practice squad:                  16 (+ 1 IPP)
LA Rams active roster changes:                  0
LA Rams players lost to other teams:       0

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Last Updated: August 31, 2022, 3:00 pm PT

So who have the LA Rams added? You can see the player additions below as information becomes available.

The Rams published their practice squad signings here.

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Offense (8+1)

OL Max Pircher (Exempt per IPP)
OL AJ Arcuri
OL Chandler Brewer
OL Jeremiah Kolone

RB Trey Ragas

TE Roger Carter
TE/WR Jacob Harris (Listed as exception)
TE Jared Pinkney

WR Austin Trammell

Defense (8)

DE Earnest Brown IV
DE T.J. Carter
DT Elijah Garcia

OLB Benton Whitley
OLB Braydon Thomas

DB Dan Isom
DB TJ Carter
DB Grant Haley (listed as exception)

Special Teams (if needed)

Any additions to the practice squad for special teams will appear here.

Transaction summary

As player signings are reported, we will show reflect that information here:

Looks like the Rams were smart, and no players were claimed off waivers

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